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Back Office Taxation

With years of experience and a great team, Safebooks is your trusted back-office accounting and taxation outsource partner, dedicated to offering world-class, accounting & taxation solutions to help you enhance efficiency while reducing costs.

The collaboration creates a winning scenario for CPAs, taxation firms, or financial firms as they can become more agile and compliant with all regulations as they have a team of offshore tax accountants taking care of all their services seamlessly.

Our services include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation – Form ITR
  • Company Tax Preparation – Form CTR
  • Trust Tax Preparation – Form TTR
  • Partnership Tax Return- Form PTR
  • Tax Planning

Why Safebooks as your outsource tax preparation Partner?

  • Our team stays updated on the latest taxation and accounting laws, regulations, forms, instructions, etc. to deliver custom solutions
  • Our services and procedures remain compliant.
  • We automate taxation processes
  • We help with timely compliance with tax laws
  • We provide regular reports that give you insights to evaluate financial performance and areas that need improvement.

When you outsource Safebooks, you outsource excellence.

Outsourcing tax return preparation to India has been easier with Safebooks as your reliable partner. Step into a top-notch collaboration where taxation and accounting do not mean complications but growth and efficiency.

Connect with the team at Safebooks for your tax preparation needs.