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Comprehensive FTE Model for Australian CAs, CPAs, and Financial Service Companies

Safebooks provides all-inclusive FTE model to Australians CAs, CPAs, and bookkeeping, accounting and financial service companies. The full-time equivalent model can help you standardize your data with the outsourcing team that performs a wide range of administrative work for you while working remotely. Our virtual accountant for businesses is a team of qualified accounting professionals who provide comprehensive and reliable financial and accounting services. If you seek professional accounting services without the overhead of hiring a full-time staff, Safebooks is your trusted partner.

FTE Model Works For You

Our FTE engagement model provides you a flexible staffing solution. You can access a team of skilled financial professionals on a full-time or part-time basis without getting yourself stuck into the commitment of hiring a full-time employee. You thus pay for quality accounting and bookkeeping services without incurring the additional costs associated with hiring, training and managing in-house staff. Safebooks brings to you the full time equivalent model that offers a great level of flexibility, scalability and affordability thereby allowing you to focus more on getting in more clients and increasing your business while our team takes care of your accounting, bookkeeping and other work.


Ours is a Tailored Approach

Safebooks provides customized outsourced accounting services along with other financial services to help you navigate challenges and seize more business opportunities. We utilize cutting-edge technology, proven practices, process-driven approach and tailored strategy for every financial firm or CA to make sure we contribute to their growth. Moreover, the team Safebooks makes sure that every accounting and financial solution we provide on a consistent basis to our client optimizes their processes further. Hire our virtual staff today.

Hire Skilled Team

Safebooks has suitable professionals who excel at accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, SMSF, etc. With our full-time dedicated staff, we make sure you get access to human excellence. The employees not only are provided with training on taxation, accounting, BAS, SMSF, etc. but also with communication skills and other skills they need to work successfully. The benefits of such hiring model are low risk, resource flexibility, domain expertise and many more. Hire a full-time virtual accountant online at Safebooks.

What is the FTE Model, and how does it differ from traditional staffing models?
The full time equivalent model serves as a flexible staffing solution which allows financial firms, CAs or similar businesses to access skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals on a full-time or flexible basis without hiring in-house staff and saving money while having the expert time. Safebooks’ FTE model offers a great level of flexibility and affordability.
How can a virtual accountant benefit my business?
A virtual accountant for businesses is a qualified, skilled and dedicated accounting professional who provides comprehensive accounting and financial services remotely. The team assists you with tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll processing and financial reporting. Safebooks helps you to implement the FTE model so that your workforce needs are fulfilled and your business gets the skills and expertise it requires to grow profoundly.
Why choose Safebooks?
Safebooks offers outsourced tax and accounting services for Australia-based CPA firms, finance professionals, CAs, etc. We offer end-to-end accounting, compliance, taxation, payroll, and financial services while ensuring data security, using cutting-edge technology and adhering to the customer-centric approach.

Hire Safebooks’ Virtual Staff Online

With its tailored virtual staffing solutions, Safebooks allows you to get benefited from accessing talent from anywhere in the world. Our outsourcing accounting professionals can perform various bookkeeping, taxation and associated tasks for you remotely while giving you peace of mind that your clients receiving quality service.